State Commission: An Azerbaijani citizen loosing his way crossed to Armenian side

17:33 | 16 March, 2019

The State Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan on prisoners of war, hostages and missing persons has issued a statement on crossing Azerbaijani citizen to Armenia.

According to the statement, a resident of Yukhari Salahli village of Gazakh region, Ibrahimov Elvin Arif oglu, born 29.10.1986, at the night of March 15-16, loosing his way crossed the border from Gazakh region to Armenia’s Noyemberyan region.

E. Ibrahimov was wounded by Armenian soldiers while crossing the border. Relevant international organizations confirmed the fact that Ibrahimov was wounded and detained by Armenian servicemen and said that there was no danger for his life.

During the preliminary investigation conducted by the State Commission it was revealed that E. Ibrahimov was registered in Gazakh district mental hospital.

The State Commission appealed to relevant international organizations to release E. Ibrahimov.