Parents have sent the food and clothes to Armenian diversant Karen Kazarian – Azerbaijan’s good intention

03:54 | 9 January, 2019

The Azerbaijani state once again demonstrated a humanistic step against the military prisoners. Armenian site reported that Armenian military diversant Karen Kazarian, detained by Azerbaijani soldiers in the direction of Gazakh region while attempting to commit a terrorist act on the Azerbaijani side in July last year, received a New Year package from his parents.

According to the chairman of the local village council of Berdavan Smbat Mugdusyan, on the occasion of Christmas and New Year’s holidays the parents of the military diversant have sent food and clothing to their children through the International Committee of the Red Cross: “On January 1, I was in the Kazarian family. They told me that after the holidays together with local residents will go to protest against the government. The villagers will demand that the Armenian government take concrete steps to return Karen”, – said the head of the village.

It should be noted that the opposite side insists that Karen Kazarian was a peaceful resident of the village, but there are solid proofs and evidence that this military diversant on the instruction of the Armenian special services tried to commit a terrorist act in Azerbaijani side. Karen Kazarian, with criminal case 1 (100) -315/2018, is charged with several articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan and his trial continues in Ganja Court on Grave Crimes.