Anar Baghirov: European Court should consider work on Dilgam Asgarov and Shahbaz Guliyev without delay

16:28 | 17 December, 2018

“The issue on Dilgam Askerov and Shahbaz Guliyev, who were taken hostage while visiting the graves of his parents in the Kalbajar region occupied by the Armenian armed forces, is in the spotlight,” Chairman of Azerbaijan Bar Association Anar Baghirov said.

According to Report, he said all the developments regarding them are followed, necessary measures are taken, there are regular contacts with their family members: “The destiny of hostages is very important for us. This is a great lawlessness and injustice. We raise and continue to raise this issue at all international events. We think that nobody should face injustice in his homeland. International organizations should keep this issue in focus and avoid dual standards. In other words, if such an injustice occurs in any other country, all international organizations will keep it in focus.”

The board chairman said that  those engaged in columnious activity do not raise this issue.: “The question is ‘why’? Why is the problem that worries Azerbaijani people and state not interesting for some people? The matter is simple and ordinary … These people are controlled from abroad and they are not instructed with such a task. It is regrettable that those who carry out the calumnious work against Azerbaijan do not touch upon this issue. ”

Bagirov emphasized that Armenians do not give a reasonable response regarding an exchange of hostages: “Their goal is to extend the time. I am confident that they use this tactic in all matters. However this cannot last long since everything should have the end. As in some of cases, the European Court should consider this case without delay. They should prevent dual standards, justice must be restored, our hostages must be released.”