MP: “Armenia implies impossible conditions for hostages”

10:27 | 7 December, 2018

Aydin Mirzazade, Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Defense, Security and Fights Against Corruption, said that Armenia is trying to use the issue related Azerbaijani hostages most often for its internal audience: “For this reason, Armenia is slowing the return of hostages by violating the international law. Or, they impose political conditions before Azerbaijan that can not be fulfilled. However, the situation has changed in Armenia lately. People do not try to hide their ideas as before. A large campaign has been launched in Armenia on the return of Armenian servicemen arrested for attempt to sabotage in Azerbaijan. Although current Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan sharply criticizes his predecessor, Pashinyan’s policy in this regard is no different from the policy of Serzh Sargsyan. In the pre-election campaign, Pashinyan seeks to exploit this issue and put pressure on Azerbaijan. Of course, this hostility can not last long. Azerbaijan’s position on this issue is unambiguous and principled. As international conventions show, the prisoners of war must be exchanged on the principle of “all to all” and there is no other option here. Azerbaijan is rightly raising these issues in international organizations such as the OSCE. As you can see, Armenia’s position does not win any support. It becomes clear that Armenia has a thorough, medieval political line on this issue. Despite the resistance of the separatist regime, Azerbaijan will continue to fight for the return of its captives and hostages in different directions.”