Araik Kazaryan’s brother: “I knew that he had problems with officers”

13:42 | 23 August, 2019

An Armenian soldier Araik Kazaryan, who passed to Azerbaijani side a couple of weeks ago, is in order. In a conversation with correspondent of “Haykakan Zhamanak”, this was reported by his brother Armen Kazaryan, noting that such information was passed on to his father in the Red Cross.

According to Armen Kazaryan, they do not know where and under what conditions his brother is being held.

To the question if he was in the military unit after the incident, if any details were found, Armen Kazaryan answered: “I was not allowed to go to the unit. I was only in the military police of Stepanakert (Khankendi), from there they sent me back, they did not let me go there.”

The brother of the soldier noted that the Ministry of Defense of Armenia keeps the information secret: “They say that this is a secret affair, and hide it from family members also.” Armen Kazaryan does not know whether his brother got lost or ended up in Azerbaijan under other circumstances.

To the remark that the press wrote that his brother was pressured in military unit in Armenia, Armen Kazaryan answered: “I knew that he had problems, but in connection with these problems we went and met people, everything was fine.” According to Kazaryan, his brother had problems with the officers, not with the soldiers. To the remark: it turns out that is why the Ministry of Defense of Armenia hides the facts, Kazaryan answered in the affirmative.

To the question what explanation the Ministry of Defense of Armenia gave him or his parents, Kazaryan replied: “They have not yet given explanations.” Representatives of the Red Cross will visit his brother again, he noted.